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Turn Innovation into Results

Find new, profitable business opportunities within US market by bringing together emerging consumer expectations, innovative technologies and quality of made-in-Italy products and services.


Stimulate your team with Innovation-packed conferences and Launch&Learn sessions, uncovering the biggest Digital, Marketing and Retail insights. Learn where technological innovation is headed, how it shapes consumer behavior and what needs to be done to create strategic business opportunities for your industry, your brand or your sector.

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This hi-impact, co-creation framework serves as a solid launch pad for idea generation and future-proofed concept development. Creative facilitation, powerful brainstorming techniques and real case studies from the stat-up world are brought together to target growth implications and help the team come up with fresh, commercially-viable solutions in under 8 hours.

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Strategic growth means being able to profit from change, not just recognize it. With the support of Digital Dynamics’ team, we help companies to connect the dots between emerging consumer expectations, breakthrough business models and cutting-edge technologies in order to actualize frequently-missed business opportunities and enter the US market.

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1300 Participants Impacted


5000+ Ideas Generated


130 Companies Worked With

How we do things?

Find a Winning Idea

Generate “Aha” Moments Within Your Team by adopt counter-intuitive idea generation techniques, used by world’s leading start-ups, including Google and Amazon.

Get Industry-Specific Insights

Learn future trends and innovative solutions, focused on YOUR area of expertise (that you’ll never find in Tech or Marketing magazines or blogs). Explore emerging technologies and marketing solutions that have the highest probability to disrupt major industries in the next 2-5 years.

Engage Team and Empower Collaboration

Immerse your team in a collaborative co-creation experience. Align all stakeholders to work towards a common long-term goal. Stimulate engagement and collaboration between senior leadership and international teams.

Generate Actionable Results

Turn technological innovation into action with immediate solutions to specific workplace challenges. Translate future trends into strategic, industry-specific business opportunities.


Innovation Expert

Alberto Mattiello is a creator of Future Thinking Method and a president of Digital Dynamics – an innovative consulting company that helps Italian-based companies expand their business to US market, by bridging the gap between consumer expectations, cutting-edge tech solutions and sound marketing strategies. Alberto is a also a head of J.Walter Thompson Milan innovation hub and a co-founder of Wellment – a consulting company, specializing in high-end outdoor wellness installations.

Speaker & Author

Alberto is frequently invited to share his view on Future Thinking and Digital Innovation by such world-known brands as Microsoft Advertising, Nestle, Mazda, Audi, Barilla, Discovery Channel. His vision of life-steaming videos and Future of Media has been shared during PromaxBDA. Alberto is an author of “Marketing Hacks: The Most Bluntly Ignored Emerging Expectations,”  – a distillation of the fundamental emerging expectations that will help companies to prepare for the future. You can read some of his articles here: www.jwtxproject.com


Besides teaching Marketing Innovation at Bocconi University and benign a lecturer in Digital Communication at IULM University, Polytechnic of Milan, Alberto has mentored CEO’s, start-ups and high-performance entrepreneurs entrepreneurs through private programs, workshops and one-on-one mentoring. He co-founded several companies, including one of the top creative Italian agencies in the areas of Brand Entertainment and Cross-Media, dubbed “Italian Think Tank” by Wired Magazine.

“The easiest, fastest, full-proof way to prepare for the future is to shape it. That’s why Future Thinking is not about a change that will take place 10-20 years from now. It’s about today.”

Alberto Mattiello


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